Paul & Joe is named after store creator Sophie Albou's two sons. After graduating from the French fashion institute, she went on to join the team at Azzédine Alaja where she developed her talent and her generous style. After this first successful working experience, she became a stylist for Le Garage shows and after six years decided to create her own brand.
In 1995 she launched her first menswear collection, contrasting strongly with men's fashion around at the time : young, fresh, retro and colourful. This was a resounding success, her first customers adored the collections spurring her on to create a womanswear collection which she did a year later. This collection was made up of shirts and trousers to begin with, but rapidly evolved, bearing more and more of the hallmarks of her unique style : fresh, highly colourful with flamboyant prints and very feminine fabrics.
The Paul & Joe woman ressembles its creator, active, bubbly : she loves to travel and loves the luxury of being able to mix and match her own wardrobe, and to accessorize it according to her moods or her timetable. She is a resolute anti-conformist.

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