Collectors Club was born out of two sisters’ vision for a wardrobe of essentials that empowers women’s self-discovery. Nele and Veerle invite you to open your closet to a world of inspiration and creativity that transcends the way you dress.
Each collection is inspired by the universe of women who made history through their work, vision and personal style. Anaïs Nin, Zaha Hadid, Gunta Stölzl, Barbara Bloom, Nina Simone.. A poet, an architect, a textile artist, a conceptual designer, a musician.. Women who made a step forward with their tenacity and realisation of their creative vision.

The Collectors Club woman is a lot like that: strong and decisive in pursuing her goals, spontaneous, lively and comfortable being herself. Taking on a multidisciplinary approach, Collectors Club is also a collaborative brand: creatives are invited to design prints, colour palettes or visuals for its’ collections. Collectors Club is not a line of clothing. It is an opportunity to both discover and express yourself through a wardrobe of collectible items, as your vision meets that of our designers and their inspiration. It is a confluence of experiences that make each piece unique: the incredible women of the past; the creative minds who collaborate on each collection; and the woman of the present: who understands that making history is not about being extraordinary, but about being yourself every step of the way.

An exclusive club of creatives you’ll want to be part of!

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