Blumarine is a fashion company that was created in 1977 in the town of Carpi in Italy by Anna Molinari and her husband Gianpolo Tarabini. The late designer Franco Moschino also helped the company develop a "look" of edgy romanticism. This look has been continued by Molinari, who remains the company's chief designer.
The name was inspired by Molinari and Tarabini's favorite color and their love for the sea. The Blumarine fashion line debuted in 1980 at the Modit, a small fashion premiere in Milan. In 1981 the fashion line was featured in the first fashion show during fashion week. Both times, it was met with success. During those times, there were only a few items.
In 1995 the line Blugirl is born, it is a ready-to-wear line for girls and young women, infused with a touch of irony and joie-de-vivre with a clearly romantic vein. Blugirl makes its debute at Milano Collezione at 2002 with great success : this collection expresses an ideal femininity that perfectly reflects the spirit of the Blumarine collection, readapted with great creativity and imagination. For season AH19 the collection was renamed to Be Blumarine

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